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Clawfish is a fishing claw machine game. 

Visit an isolated train station with a fishing arcade. Explore the dock, play the machines, talk to a seagull, paddle a boat and take some time to relax by the water.

Clear the machines and free the fish to fill the waters around you.

Key Features

Visit an isolated train station arcade and explore at your own pace 

Play 3 claw machines each with it's own gameplay quirk

Catch up to 23 different fish

Release the fish to fill the waters around you

A short game meant to be played in one sitting

Estimated completion time: under 1 hour



A small game by David Czarnowski

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Arcade, Colorful, Cute, Fishing, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$2.99 CAD or more

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Very fun and relaxing game. Would recommend if you have an hour to chill.

wow, the art is great! ^_^

Had a bug with this game that happened twice. If you accidentally catch two fish at once, then neither of them drop into the bucket and instead go back into the machine, but they're yellow and can't be caught. I had to restart and since there's no save, I was pretty gutted. I really enjoyed it but I thought I would let you know.


Between this and take me to tomato town, david just makes the most random games that happen to be my favorites on this site. I enjoyed myself in this one, though I still have no idea where the last fish bucket was lol

Hi o/
Bought your game yesterday on steam and I truly loved it. But after around 20 fishes I couldn't get more tokens for the machines. Are they limited or was it a bug? Sad that there is no save, but I understand the difficulty. Anyway, great game and I really enjoyed it, thanks!


Thank you so much! There are 23 fish in total in all the machines. Once you complete the machines by freeing all the fish they deactivate and you can't collect coins since they're all empty! Otherwise, if you didn't catch all the machine fish then that would be a bug. As for saving I'm planning on adding that to my next big update!

I see, there was still one fish in the machine, so I believe it was a bug.

Then there is a bug. I bought a coffee, and caught all but two fish, then it stopped letting me get tokens. I was wondering if you had a wallet and only able to buy so much or something.

Hello! I just played (and finished) this game and it's super precious. Quick question though, are the achievements on Steam not working? I got quite a few of them done but it didn't mark them completed on my steam page. Either way this was great! Thank you!

Did you buy the game on Steam? If so it should work! The itchio build is separate and doesn't complete any Steam achievements. I can provide a Steam key if you've purchased the game here and would like to have the achievements though! Just send me an email request here

Oh no worries! I bought it on steam but for some reason they didn't work. It's really no big deal, just wanted to check if it was something I missed. Thank you so much! 

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I only got to play a lil bit but oh my gosh i love it so much you made a literal dream world. only thing i wanna add is that some fishies get stuck in the corner of the crane games and cant be reached!

Thanks again! I'm currently working on a small update which will fix those pesky corner fish

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Could not play much, but I absolutely love what I got so far. <3 Freed a few fish and will come back for the rest. Still so much to see.

Once I got onto the rowing boat, I could not get back onto the pier, although I got the "exit boat" text. Positioned the boat right next to the pier, but pressing <space> did nothing. Maybe I got the instructions wrong? Or is it a bug?

Edit: it's LMB to exit the boat. Got it.

Thanks for playing! That's right it is LMB but that's a fair point about using <space>. I'll try that out and maybe add that into my next patch as an alternate way of getting out

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Hi this game is suuper cute and I can't wait to play it! unfortunately the mac(m1) version has a game breaking bug where the blue bloom effect covers most of the screen when looking straight ahead, making it really hard to see. I'm really delighted by the game and am looking forward to a patch:)

Oh noo! If you wouldn't mind helping me out could you reach out to me via email? It would be great to see a screenshot and be able to test things since I don't have a mac with M1 myself

of course! just sent you an email!

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did this ever get sorted out? Would be cool to be able to deactivate the bloom maybe.