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Nightmare Drive is a top down survival, driving game
where you must outlast your deadly ghost drivers on a cursed race track. 
With every lap you complete, your ghost will follow your last path
and become an obstacle.

The story goes that every fifty years
the best drivers in the world are sent an invitation. 
Drive 50 laps around a secluded track.

The challenge has only one rule. If you fail,
you lose your soul and are forever linked to the cursed track.

How long can you survive?

Controls / How to drive:


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Can't say enough good about this game, you become your own worst enemy in this game... love it, very well done!!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!


Sweet visual style. It would be cool to have some incentives to reach X number of laps, maybe different cars or tracks? 


I'll definitely consider this if I get the chance to work on the game more! 


Awesome concept! I love the idea of your past laps becoming your enemies and the way they stack up is both chaotic and lends a lot of strategy to later laps. The art direction is really nice as well, the high contrast and saturation colors make everything of importance stand out while making it all nice to look at. Really great work here!


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!


Awesome game! Such a cohesive theme; the art, music and SFX are fantastic. I love how the better you race the more creative you have to become in completing more laps.

My only criticism is that I couldn't figure out how many lives I had, or what the measure was for triggering the game over.

Anyway, that's just a minor thing. Well done on Nightmare Drive!


Thanks so much for playing! 

Also great catch on the lives! That was my mistake, they were just hidden for when I was preparing some gameplay gifs and forgot to turn them back on haha. I just uploaded a newer version which should fix that.

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haha no worries. Updated it and saw the UI. Looks good! 

My high score is 24...I curse my past self for the ghosts of big screw ups (particularly the ones requiring reversing and 180's).

Once again, great game, dude.