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Chasing Birds is a relaxing, exploration game with no set objective.

Play as a dog (the good boy down below) and chase birds.

Explore the dog park by running around, barking,

chasing birds or just take some time to lay down and relax.

Created for Self Care Jam 2! 

"Take some time to work on something for our own sake."

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
Tags3D, Dogs, Exploration, Relaxing
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A really lovely little game, with a suprising amount of little things to discover!

Really great game, very enjoyable congrats :3

Awesome Game! had lots of fun in it! I would smash 10/10 ! looking in future for more! :)

How you do the 3d of the game? Which software you use?

I use Autodesk Maya for modelling. I also used Unity's default cubes and spheres for some of the simple objects in the scene like the bushes and the park benches.

Great, it looks really pretty. Awesome work.

I had so much fun with this! Super relaxing and addictive gameplay! Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!


Lovely and relaxing game! Thank you for making this.

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Great concept! Definitely could be something more.


thanks! I wanted to stick with a small, non stressful scope for the game jam but I could see the game becoming something more

THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!! you should make diffrent levels!

thank you! yeah maybe in the future, I have a couple of ideas of where it could go

Had lots of fun playing it! hope u will make more games like this :)

Really enjoyed this game and the chance to relax and chase some birds :) 

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I'm glad you enjoyed playing it! loved your little song

Solid game, i suppose there is no further motive behind it than wanting to feel like a dog chasing birds there is a bit of a bug though, in the walls of the world.

That's a beautiful ending. Yeah I've noticed some players commenting they can get through my invisible walls on sprinting... I'll work on getting that fixed sometime in the future!

Hey there thanks for watching! :) i'm sorry if i'm a bit lame but i did have fun with the game and i really hope you keep working on sweet soulwarming projects like these in the future.


Very relaxing and fun game. <3


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Amazingly relaxing game! The only problem is that you can sprint off the map. Also, I think you should make the red ball respawn if it falls off the map.

Thanks! yeah I noticed some players were mentioning that.. if I have some time I'll go in and fix those issues.

Alright thanks. This game is so soothing. 



Love the game <3


Highly enjoyable experience. I had too much fun with that little red ball! I felt like a real undexterous doggo. But there was a gap in the bounding box in the bottom right corner and my ball fell out of the map and plummetted endlessly into the abyss. Sad doggo indeed.

RIP red ball


What a delightful little project. I had the pleasure of playing and doing a video.

Thanks DEVS



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Thanks so much for playing, I enjoyed watching your playthrough! Cool suggestions for customization.


Thank you. It is a great little project and I think it does have room to grow. You could add so much to this (if you wanted to) such as

1. See how many birds you can scare in a set time frame.

2. Find balls around the park.

3. Set a task to chase xx number of postmen across the park.

4. Pee on tree's (lol)

5. Sniff lumps of grass/lamp posts/tree's

6. Steel sausages from a stall holder.

and I can think off so much more.

Anyway, I will follow the progress of this and good luck.

Woof Woof



Hi! I did a YouTube video on this wonderful game. This game is very calming and even more on a rainy day.

Thanks that's what I was going for!




this is such a charming game:)

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it!


So cute! I borked and ran and chased all dem birds.